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Infiniti Health LLC is a mobile healthcare provider delivering quality care directly to the hearts of California communities, both urban and rural, from San Diego County to Pelican Bay. This is why our organization is not only registered as local healthcare providers but also as California State providers.  We offer a unique healthcare experience without the long drive, patient wait time, or inconvenience of pursuing treatment through providing our services in the comfort and convenience of the patient’s home, business, or location of choice. Minority-owned, our community-tailored care breaks barriers of time and money while promoting trust so that we can provide anyone—even the most vulnerable and underserved populations—with quality healthcare.

From the top-down, all Infiniti Health staff are certified healthcare professionals with a solid understanding of the challenges facing our California State communities.  Our healthcare team certifications include ICS 100 & 200, CalOSHA First Responder Operations (FRO), CalOSHA First Responder Awareness (FRA), Phlebotomy Technician I (CPT-1), and Licensed Emergency Medical Technicians, California Department of Public Health Certified Phlebotomy Technicians I (CPT-1), Certified Emergency Medical Technicians through the State of California’s Emergency Medical Service Authority, LVNs licensed through the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, as well as RNs licensed through the California Board of Registered Nursing.



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Collection, Processing and Contact Tracing


We can collect specimens from individuals at virtually any location and transport them to our laboratory facilities for processing. Infiniti Health has been at the forefront of COVID-19 specimen collection, transport, and processing, stepping up with our unique services early in the pandemic. We currently collect and process upwards of 200,000 COVID-19 tests per month—and are currently scaling to over a million per month—while maintaining our stated turnaround times. Through our innovative mobile healthcare delivery, we break barriers for communities, especially among communities disproportionately impacted and those at greater risk for COVID-19.

Trained and Professional Contact Tracing Services

Contact tracing is essential to help prevent further COVID-19 transmission by identifying who may be infected and contagious and informing them, so they can take steps to not infect others. All Infiniti Health contact tracers are Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 contact tracing trained and certified, emphasizing cultural competence and understanding the nuances of each community so that as our reach extends across California, we still maintain a local perspective.



Our telehealth services connect patients with healthcare professionals through HIPAA-compliant remote teleconference consultations conducted virtually. Providing in-home essential care, Infiniti Health eliminates not only long drives and time spent in a waiting room but also removes barriers to care such as distance, mobility, and time to treat patients’ common conditions in the comfort of their own homes.

In-Home Care


Infiniti Health’s highly qualified staff can deploy to a patient’s home for care such as blood tests, blood pressure tests, employment drug screenings, laboratory tests, and wound care/wound checks for physician review—without the patient ever having to leave home.




During this pandemic, the Infiniti Health staff and their families have been personally impacted by the detrimental effects of COVID-19. We are passionate about what we do to stop deaths in our local communities and slow the spread of COVID-19. 


Infiniti Health is pioneering new developments and methods of COVID-19 testing and quarantining. At our core, we truly believe we can make a positive change during this pandemic and we are proud of the statistical progress we have already made.


COVID-19 testing sites developed by COVID-19 clinician specialists, the CDC, and lead epidemiologist.



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