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Infiniti Health is a mobile community health center that brings affordable healthcare directly to patients in the comfort and convenience of their home, business, school, or location of choice.

Infiniti Health was born from the recognition that common obstacles such as high costs, distrust of the medical system, lack of insurance or transportation, social isolation, and cultural barriers are preventing many from receiving the care they need and deserve.

Infiniti Health eliminates these obstacles by providing accessible and reliable care to all, in personalized ways effective for even the most vulnerable and underserved populations. By reducing apprehensions related to factors such as costs, wait times, and distance to clinics, the company’s teams of certified and experienced healthcare professionals empower patients and help them gain control over their health.

In addition, Infiniti Health is minority-owned and staffs from within the communities served, creating living-wage jobs, increasing regional health equity, and further improving patient trust by better understanding and empathizing with local needs. With Infiniti Health, quality care is no longer out of reach.

Since 2019, the company’s most prominent initiative has been reducing the spread of COVID-19 in local communities, but comprehensive HIPAA-compliant services are also offered directly to homes, schools, businesses, and organizations worldwide. Services include COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, primary and urgent care, preventative care, and lab services. For more information on Infiniti Health’s efforts against COVID-19 as well as comprehensive coverage of our services, please visit the COVID-19 Testing and Services pages, respectively.

Our Mission

To increase health equity by mobilizing accessible, affordable, patient-centric healthcare and delivering it directly to homes, businesses, and communities.

Our Vision

To create positive change and a more inclusive healthcare paradigm where quality care is no longer out of reach for those who need it.

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Born of the community to serve the community. Even as Infiniti Health grows, we stay committed to our humble beginnings and the purity of our founding purpose—to help communities thrive through better, more inclusive healthcare.

Infiniti Health strives to be good partners to the communities we serve and give back wherever we can. We hire from within the communities we serve, creating living-wage jobs and helping to improve care with human-centric medical professionals who understand the community and its needs fully, from the inside.

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Infiniti Health is a medical services corporation providing virus testing, diagnostic analysis, vaccine administration, and other onsite healthcare logistics and support services for midsize and large public and private organizations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and other West Coast regions.

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