Mobile Covid-19 Prevention

Los Angeles-Based COVID Prevention Clinics for Businesses

The ongoing evolution of the Coronavirus demands a swift response and vigilant prevention measures – the Omicron variant is currently spreading, and close to home, with the first reported case being in California.

Infiniti Health is committed to preventing, detecting, and stopping the spread of COVID-19 within your community. We provide active COVID monitoring, including rapid and PCR tests, as well as vaccinations – wherever you prefer to meet us. You have a partner in Infiniti Health, no matter the size or location of your affected population.

Covid Testing At Your Home, Nursing Home, Or Residential Community

1,300 Doctors, Nurses, and Employees
84 Mobile Testing Teams
2.3 Million+ Covid Tests Processed

Infiniti Health has provided accessible COVID-19 testing in California since the early days of the pandemic.

Founded on local community care, Infiniti Health quickly established the vendor relationships and infrastructure necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19 in California’s most vulnerable communities and has since become a trusted partner for organizations seeking to protect those who depend on them.

We are passionate about continuously improving the procedures and protocols used to slow the spread of COVID-19 and proud of the positive progress we’ve made in community health during this uncertain time.

For primary and urgent care services we partner with:

Fit Testing

Infiniti Health’s Occupational Health and Safety Department makes your wellbeing a priority. Our OSHA-compliant Respirator Fit Testing program provides high-quality and confidential services that protect workers from potential infectious respiratory diseases such as COVID-19.

Keep your community safe with Infiniti Health!

Contact Tracing

Are you worried about the status of your business following the Coronavirus outbreak?
Do your employees feel safe in their workspace?
Can you trace the contact of infected employees in your workplace and notify them of possible exposure?
The primary focus of Infiniti Health’s comprehensive Contact Tracing program is to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Our confidential process provides the following:

  • Identification of cases
  • Tracking of interactions
  • Tracing of contact history
  • Monitoring of contact

Our program could be essential in guaranteeing the safe return of your employees. Contact us now!

The Infiniti Health Difference Experienced & Field-Tested

  • One of the first deployed COVID-19 testing providers on the market
  • Over 2.3 million COVID tests processed
  • Over 5 thousand vaccinations administered
  • PCR or rapid tests available based on your unique needs
  • Established vendor relationships and infrastructure
  • Current partner and COVID test provider to the LAUSD; experienced with school administration, staff, and students of all ages
  • Free resources available to help schools through the state-funded COVID-19 testing grant application process (ESSER II & III)

Commitment To Safety

  • From the top down, all medical staff are experienced and certified healthcare professionals with an understanding of the challenges involved in facing the evolving COVID crisis
  • All testing sites follow CDC & CDPH sanitary guidance for cleaning, disinfecting, and infection prevention
  • Proven testing protocols developed by COVID-19 clinician specialists, the CDC, and leading epidemiologists
  • Staff tested weekly for Covid-19

Infection Prevention

The goal of Infiniti Health’s Infection Prevention Department is to maintain the effectiveness of essential healthcare services by containing and preventing COVID-19 transmission within healthcare facilities. Our Antibiotic Stewardship program works with Infection Preventionists to create, implement, track, monitor, and educate on the subject of safe and appropriate antibiotic use within their facilities. Let’s work together to keep patients, residents, and healthcare workers safe!

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Infiniti Health is a medical services corporation providing virus testing, diagnostic analysis, vaccine administration, and other onsite healthcare logistics and support services for midsize and large public and private organizations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and other West Coast regions.

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