Infiniti Health strives to be a good partner in our communities, and we contribute and give back whenever we can. For us, care is more than the services we provide, but also serving those around who are in need.

Food Delivery

Food and Shelter

Regularly, Infiniti Health founders and staff assemble for food drives to donate much needed supplies to local food banks in the communities we serve, as well as support efforts to create affordable housing in those communities.


We hire from within the communities we serve, creating living-wage jobs and helping improve care in the communities with individuals who understand them fully, from the inside.


We also work closely with organizations such as Champions in Service. A non-profit focused on ending gang violence and helping at-risk youth develop the skills, abilities, and relationships necessary to foster self-esteem and achieve a positive lifestyle, we work to support them in providing opportunity for the youths they help.

Afterschool Programs

For our school district partners, Infiniti Health also provides innovative learning opportunities for students of all ages through proprietary educational programs conducted by Infiniti Health staff.

  • STOP C19 - Educating and Empowering Students of All Ages on COVID-19, STOP C19 provides students across the district with medical information on COVID-19 and empowers them to help reduce its spread of in their homes, school, and community.

  • Frontline Champions - Promoting Knowledge and Professional Growth, Infiniti Health’s Frontline Champions program presents graduating seniors age 17 and up the opportunity to learn from the leader in mobile COVID-19 testing about COVID-19 and its prevention and obtain medical industry training and experience that could readily result in employment after graduation.