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Infiniti Health co-founders Avery Williams and Frank Zeledon began their careers as firefighters and EMTs. Working in the emergency department of a Los Angeles hospital, the two quickly bonded over their shared frustration with an inequitable and inconvenient healthcare system. They recognized that the conventional system left many behind, and often those most in need.

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Co-Founders Avery Williams and Frank Zeledon

Avery recalls witnessing an elderly couple wait for 8 hours in the emergency room, then later helping the husband as he struggled to transfer his wife and her wheelchair to the car after being discharged. Scenes such as this inspired Avery to provide patients with vital medical care in the comfort of their own homes.

Frank grew up in Nicaragua, and fondly remembers the local physician who made regular house calls to care for him and his family. The personal nature of this relationship established a foundation of trust not found in many traditional healthcare environments. These memories inspired Frank to bring that model of attentive, personalized, and convenient healthcare to underserved communities within the United States.

The Vision of Mobile Community Health

Once Avery and Frank realized their visions for healthcare were compatible, they founded Infiniti Health and set out to revolutionize the industry. Considering the processes learned from their previous positions, they constructed a system that combined mobile community health strategies with telehealth services to deliver efficient, personalized, and cost-effective healthcare directly to patients in need.

When the Coronavirus pandemic arrived, Avery and Frank quickly began providing accessible COVID-19 testing, and later vaccination, services for California residents. Combining their emergency response expertise with their passion for serving others, their actions made a significant impact within their community and saved lives throughout the state of California.

Avery and Frank’s inclusive approach to overall healthcare and their fight to counter deadly outbreaks helped Infiniti Health become a leader in COVID-19 response across California and have earned the growing company distinction and recognition in all communities yet served.

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Infiniti Health is a medical services corporation providing virus testing, diagnostic analysis, vaccine administration, and other onsite healthcare logistics and support services for midsize and large public and private organizations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and other West Coast regions.

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