Preventative Care

Preventative Care Services At Your Business, School, Or Home

  • Physicals
  • Vision and Hearing Tests
  • Vaccinations and Flu Shots
  • Blood Pressure Checks

In addition to COVID-19 prevention, Infiniti Health prioritizes the availability of general preventative care whenever and wherever you may need it. With Infiniti Health, your community will have affordable access to physicals (sports, school, or annual), vision and hearing tests, vaccinations and flu shots, blood pressure checks, and more.

Mobile Preventative Care And Your Community

  • Accessibility
  • Assurance
  • Trust

The benefits of hosting and receiving preventative care using a mobile system are many, particularly for large-scale settings such as schools, businesses, and hospitality providers (including hotels, airports, and cruises). By meeting patients where they are, assurance is guaranteed that all protective measures are taken in creating the safest possible experience for guests, employees, and students.

In a time where we are wary of compromising our immune systems in any way for fear of increased vulnerability and consequences, it’s critical that all necessary preventative health measures are taken and peace of mind is maintained within your community. By catching ongoing medical complications or contagious diseases early, lives are changed for the better in boundless ways.

Making Reliable Medical Services More Accessible

  • 1,300 Doctors, Nurses, and Employees Serving Locally
  • Home Medical Clinic Services
  • Health Equity

Founded on local community care, Infiniti Health has established the vendor relationships and infrastructure necessary to serve California’s most vulnerable communities and has become a trusted partner for organizations seek to protect those who depend on them.

Infiniti Health will provide a personalized service plan to meet your needs and supply all necessary equipment and PPE. Patients won’t need to worry about appointments or scheduling, costs, or transportation, and will have an opportunity to receive vital preventative care that they may have previously deemed inaccessible.

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Infiniti Health is a medical services corporation providing virus testing, diagnostic analysis, vaccine administration, and other onsite healthcare logistics and support services for midsize and large public and private organizations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and other West Coast regions.

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